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i have a question , i recently bought a thermaltake big typhoon 120 cpu cooler .It is supposed to have max speed 1300rpm, but now im runing speedfan and it say that my maximum speed is 840 rpm does anyone have an idea of what is wrong?
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  1. What does your BIOS say about your fan speed?
  2. Most likely your motherboard has sensors that is lowering your fan speed automatically, depending on CPU load. Most of the time, your motherboard's BIOS should have a setting to change this.

    Run a stress program like Prime95 and you should see that fan rpm increase.
  3. my motherboard is gigabyte nad in the bois it has an option callaed smart fan. it allows the fan to regulate accordinf to the temperature of the cpu. i disabled that option so that the cpu fan always is at its max!
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