ECS RC410-M motherboard drivers?

Does anyone know where I can find drivers for my ECS RC410-M motherboard? I have tried ECS and the closest match they have to RC410-M is RC410-M2 and , as you probably know , flashing motherboard BIOS and so on can cause many undesired effects so I refrained from installing the update.
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  1. Hi J

    This is an unsupported site, use files at your own RISK!
  2. the ecs rc410-m motherboard is used in the hp media centre and you will find all the required drivers on the hp website
  3. eMachines T3516a
    rc410-m v1.1 motherboard

    note: The following is meant only for T3516a and NOT T3516 because the T3516 uses an Intel motherboard, and the T3516a uses an ECS rc410-m v1.1 motherboard.

    I had alot of trouble finding somewhere to actually download the needed drivers so i hope these can help you by saving you time.

    This is a clean install on the formatted drive this system came with. What I did was pull the hard drive and placed it in an external enclosure and connected it onto another computer. I used Paragon Partition Manager to merge the 2 partitions as well as format it.

    Returning it back into the T3516a, I used a July'09 Windows XP disc to install the OS. Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

    Installing drivers,
    1) Install ATI South Bridge driver package [9-2_xp32-64_sb_76121.exe] and restart
    2) Install RealTek ALC880 Audio Driver [WDM_R223.exe] and restart
    3) Install Display Driver [9-3_xp32_dd.exe] and restart

    note: no need to install the ethernet LAN driver because Windows automatically installed it during the WinXP install.

    4) for the PCI Simple Communications Controller [aka the 56k ITU V.92 Ready/Fax Modem], go to Start / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager

    make sure you have internet access at this point

    now right-click on PCI Simple Communications Controller and select Update Driver, select 'Yes, this time only', select Next

    once finished, restart computer.

    5) you can now go to Start / Control Panel / Windows Update to finish up updating your system

    note: At, the downloads were suspended indefinetly thus the 3 driver files I mentioned above can individually be found here:




    If any are missing at the time you read this, just google those filenames!

  4. Thank you so much. After 'System Restoring' my PC, I only had the basic 800x600px display and it has taken me two days to find out what driver is required for the integrated video processor on the motherboard.


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