What is the ultimate socket 1366 motherboard

what is the ultimate socket 1366 motherboard
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  1. The ASUS BEAST MONSTER 5000 XXL WITH ULTRA HYPER THREDDING XT USB 12.0 SATA 12.00.. It holds up to 120 GB memory and can support Quad-50 core processcors at 580Ghz its made out of solid titanium and nuclear powered and cools with liqued steel. F^%&ing Ultimate!!!!!!!!!
  2. sisco853 said:
    what is the ultimate socket 1366 motherboard

    ..for what purpose?

    What are your overclock targets?

    Are you using exotic cooling? or Air?

    What Bios do you prefer?
  3. No one came back to this thread, so maybe I can change the question a bit. What is the best deal 1366 M/B? For a new PC (that will only run MS Flight Simulator, FS9 & FSX) I am looking for a M/B for an Intel i7-950 CPU. I don't all bells and whistles but I do need:

    Very good quality onboard sound, as I won't be getting a sound card
    Space for at least 4 separate RAM modules (4x2GB)
    As many USB 2.0 outlets as possible
    A Firewire socket

    Any ideas?


  4. Period end of story no debating period the EVGA SR-2 support the 1366. Building one now. Question solved.

    I know Dave: $14,000 RIG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARhJrOKNlv0
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