Cant install service pack 1 for win7


I was updating neighbors PC last night and when I tried to install the windows 7 service pack from windows update at the end of the install it would say it failed then when I rebooted the pc it would say configuring windows and when it reached 32% it would stall and then say it was removing updates and reverting, then it would reboot, do the same thing, reboot and do that cycle like 6 times before windows would actually load up like normal. It happens if I download the .exe version or I try to get it from windows update.

Its a dell pc (forgot the model but its newer has a core i7 860 in it). Has windows 7 ultimate 32bit on it.

Ive run the AV to see if something was **** blocking it but that didnt help any.
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  1. Windows rolled back the installation because it found hardware or software that is installed that seemed to be causing issues or is incompatible with the service pack.

    You could try running a CHKDSK to see if that helps but I don't think it will...
  2. Think if I saved the .exe version to the desktop and install it in safe mode that would work then?
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