Any recommended Bootable disk recovery software?

I've installed linux over a windows partition but missed some files on the backup. Can anyone recommend any software that might be able to rescue the old data?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Depends on how you installed Linux, did you install side by side, or the guided function which uses the entire disk?
  2. I used the entire disk... :/
  3. I'm sorry but you will not be able to recover the data.
    Unless you would like to play a-lot of money to have someone scrub the disk for
    data fragments.
  4. actually get data back can retrieve data after 4 reformats.. so I think it may be possible to get your data back that way. you will have to sift through all the data to find what you are looking for. I own a computer repair company and that is hte software I use.however it is not a boot disc. you would have to install windows on a dif hard drive and set that one as a slave.. ( not boot to it) then run the software and pick what you need
  5. Cheers I'll give that a shot. I've rescued stuff after reformatting with same file system but not with a new os on top... should be interesting.
    Fingers crossed
  6. i have had customers reinstall windows 3 or 4 times trying to fix things themselves only to write over the data. and i was still able to recover most of it.. they look at me like a GOD lol
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