How much can GPU's and OpenCL improve performance?

Alright, within some months we will see many applications using OpenCL. But how much of an improvement will we see? The article at the wiki says that the improvement can be as much as 100 - 250x using a high end GPU instead of a high end CPU. Of course I am talking of highly parallel tasks and not serial tasks like word processing. GPU's have around 200 cores at 600mhz. So:-

1) How much would GPU's be slower than CPU's clock per clock, core per core? I think a single core should at least provide the performance of a celeron 600 mhz.

2) How much improvement will there be in 3d renderers like Blender 3d? These Things are highly parallel. Especially rendering animations. There are about 500 frames in 8 seconds of 3d animation. These can be rendered within very less time by the 200 GPU cores. It should take 4 - 5 hrs on a quad core CPU and if everything goes right about half an hour in a GPU. So Radeon RV800's beating dual Xeons? Quite possible... Anyways can every frame be largely parallelizeable?

3) Can there be an improvement in compilers? There are 1000's of functions in a standard app which can be compiled on different threads. But I remember reading somewhere that compilation is a serial task...

4) Can CPU's be used to parallize the tasks(which is a serial task) and GPU's be used for doing those tasks? This would speed up a lot.

5)Can GPU's render the games and process Physx etc at the same time? that would be useful say if we get a high end GPU and a low end CPU.

Of course I am not going to buy right now and just want some expert opinions. The basic question is : How much of a speedup?

So perhaps for intensive tasks like 3d modelling / rendering and basic gaming one might just buy an AMD dual core with a $200'ish card and beat the dual Xeons. This would be extremely great for the consumers as the GPU's can do both modelling and rendering greatly reducing the cost of a new build. And also there is great competition in the GPU side so we can expect the next gen 40nm GPU's to improve a lot while CPU's are not so much improving in performance/price due to lack of real competition in high end...
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  1. Well looks like I have to wait another year or so for the answers...
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