Suggestions on pumps for my setup?

Ok guys, I have 3x MCP655's and 3x MCP355's sitting here for my build. This build will consist of three loops(1st CPU/2nd GPU/3rd Chipset & MIPs ram block).
Each loop will be as follows:

CPU: 1X EK 120.3, EK Supreme Block w/Long hose runs with a total of around 6-8'

GPU: 1x EK 120.3, 3x EK 5870 Blocks Or GTX480 Blocks(have both) With the same 6-8' Of hose

Chipset/Ram: 2x EK 120.1, EK Classified Block and MIPs ram block. With a little less hose (3-5' Depending)

Most of the hose runs go upward about 12" at-least.

All pumps (MCP655's & MCP355's) have EK Blocks for the Heads.

So without using mixed pumps(same pumps for all loops).

What do you think will work the best in this setup?

Please explain your choice.

Thanks in advance!!
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