Crossfire if bottom card is 1cm away from PSU?

Hi I have a P5Q-E motherboard and currently have a Sapphire 4850 BIG FAN duat slot graphics card. What I was wondering that since you can soon(or now.) use one card for physx and the other as normal, Im imagining my 4850 being installed onto my second PCI graphics card slot(have 3 slots) now if I did do this there would only be im guessing around 1cm-1.5cmof space intill it hits my psu. I have an antec 900 were the psu is at the bottom. (a Crosair 750 TX 140mm fan.) Now my question is, is it a problem for the 4850 with its massive fan to be very close to the 140mm fan of the psu (1cm-1.5cm away.) How will warm air be removed if the psu's fan is blowing straight on to the graphics card, and maby pushig hot air back in?

Im guessing if only this is actually a problem is I Would have to get a full tower case to have my psu more by its self.
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  1. Also wat i wanna know is, is it better to use a year old card for phsyx and a new card or is it better to sell that old card and get a card in the high end range?

  2. any answesr????????????
  3. The PSU fan is not blowing directly onto the video card. The Corsair 750TX has its intake fan on the bottom and exhausts out the back. However, your problem is that the Antec 900 does not have vents on the bottom of the case, so are you mounting the PSU upside-down?

    Also, the 4850 fan is just recirculating the interior case air, so if anything the upside-down PSU is exhausting the video card air for you.

    Better to have a dual slot cooler on the video card with rear exhaust, IMO.

    It works, if you don't mind less than optimal cooling and higher temps.

    If you will get a full tower anyways, then at least get one where there is a vent that lines up with your PSU bottom fan.
  4. The PSU is indeed mounted upside down with the PSU exhaust fan pointed upwards, same as in the Antec 1200. However, there is no air being blown onto the vid card since the PSU fan is an exhaust drawing air from inside the case to the outside. The OP doesn't have anything to worry about. If anything, the PSU fan is doing him a favor and drawing hot air away from the vid card and exhausting it outside the case.

    I own both the Antec 900 and the 1200. I would not hesitate to crossfire/SLI in either one.
  5. You cant use physx on Radeon Cards. You need nVidia cards to do what you're talking about doing. Anyway your system would be faster running two cards in crossfire.
  6. I've ran two 8800GT's with dual slot exhaust coolers in my Antec 900, w/ a 750TX. There wasn't even a 1C difference in temps between the two cards, it'll be fine as long as they fit.
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