How to disable onboard graphics if there is no option in bios?

i am about to install an ati card, but i would first like to disable the onboard graphics. but when i go into the bios i dont see any option to disable the onboard graphics. now since the chipset is ati, could i just install the video card and update the drivers without doing anything in the bios?
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  1. Install the ATI video card and plug the monitor in to the card. If the system boots up install the proper driver for the new ATI video card. BIOS should recognize the new video card.
  2. Yes what you need to do is ignoring the integration graphic and building your new system as only one unaided card in the case. And don't forget to uninstall the former graphic driver first....
  3. You might not actually have to disable it from the bios. Some motherboards for example mine i put a card in it auto disables onboard graphics...though it couldent hurt to uninstall the drivers first. If you have to theres also always disabling it from the device manager.
  4. What board/chipset do you have?
  5. I just installed the card and the driver. And everything works just fine! Thanks guys
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