Problem with mouse movement on any boot cd

hii folks
i bought a new pc , gigabyte motherboard p31-ES3G , core2duo 2.6 2 giga ram

i use normal mouse "not usb"

the problem is when i use any kind of a boot cd like ultimate boot cd , ghost with mouse support , acronis true image boot cd , or whatever any kind of evironment that can be loaded before windows , i can not move the mouse

the mouse never move , i can only use the keyboard "tab" to move between the options of the programs

in the bios settings i enabled "usb mouse and keyboard" although i don't use a usb mouse

i don't know what to do
please i need ur help
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  1. Well,,when I use my Norton Ghost it has a mouse.ini file that it reads,, without that file there would be no rat for my ghost ,,I suspect that you may have a similar problem..
    If OTOH you do have a driver/ini file then maybe the mouse needs cleaning /replacement ..Have you tried a USB rat??:)
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