Generical external CD RW/DVD drive not working on Windows Vista

Hi, I just bought a generical external CD-RW DVD Rom drive, connected it to my desktop Acer Aspire L320 with Windows Vista (32 bits) and it fails to install it, I even tried to install it with the drivers provided in the cd (had to do that on a different computer, copying the drivers to a pendrive and then trying them on the Acer Aspire ) but still not working. I v e tried the external drive on my other laptop which uses windows XP and works perfectly Plug and Play... Does anybody know how could I get it going on Windows Vista? Thanks. GOn
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  1. Do the drivers even support Vista? Are there any updated drivers online maybe?
  2. The stock Vista driver should work fine.

    If it's a USB external drive, try other ports. If that doesn't help, check the device manager to see if there are any conflicsts. If there isn't, expand the universal serial bus controllers, and uninstall all of the USB root hubs, then restart. They'll reinstall on restart.

    If none of that helps, run this Fixit scan.
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