Dual monitor + GPU temps?

Hi folks! Sorta new here, so hope you don't mind me jumping to a problem/question!

Currently I'm running a PhenomII 940BE + Sapphire 4870HD 1GB, with a dual monitor setup. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW (1680x1050) and a SyncMaster 2443BW (1920x1200).

Here's my question(s): Idle, my GPU goes at about 50°C. Stressed, it can go up to 80°C when gaming and up to 100° when benchmarking. I want to know how high is too high? It's probably not desirable to have it run at 100°, but is it damaging?

I also noticed that my temperatures (especially GPU) are usually higher than most people's (in other forums). Could this be because I'm running a quite heavy dual monitor setup?

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  1. I doubt having a second montior attached will affect 3d load temperatures. If you are getting 100 degrees in a game and the fan isnt ramping way up, you need to do it manually. I have an nvidia card an use software to to select OC profile with a set fan speed before going into a game. I dont like for my card to get above 70c.
  2. No, in games it goes up to 75-80.

    I use CCC and it manages the fan automatically. Some stresstest programs (like FurMark) make the card really hot though, up to 100°. The fan is at 100% too then.
  3. Furmark is a REALLY REALLY tough test, it`s like Prime95, on steriods, for the GPU.
    Which case do you have? And Which 4870?
    I have the Sapphire reference 512Mb card in a Coolermaster Centurion case (one 120m.m exhaust 1 front intake plus PSU) for ventilation and get better temperatures at 35% constaint speed.
  4. I have a Sapphire 4870 1GB (not the Toxic edition) in a Gigabyte Aurora 3D with about 4 casefans (1 front intake, 1 in the middle blowing towards the back, 2 outtake at the back).

    Furmark is the only thing heating the card up to 100, nothing else does that. Not ATITool or SiSoft Sandra.
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