Windows install Fail - BSOD -

i have resently bought all my new bits for my pc and i have built it up ....

Asus p5kpl-amt
500Watt Type-R
Intel Q6600 stock clocked,
8800GT Zotec 512mb ddr3
Creative x-fi extreme music
2Gb DDR2 800 Mhz
1 IDE HDD - western digital 40Gb - just for OS then il get a sata 250 gb or somthing for my games and files.

now i have had an issue with this pc installing windows xp proffeshinal and getting a : erros stop:0x000000F4. It says a process or thread crucial to the system has been unexpectedly exited or terminated

stop 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x89966748 , 0x899668BC , 0x80JB1142)

i tihnk that was the command if i writ it down right xD

my friends have diffrent opinion someone sais its the jumpers on the back of the cd drive and hard drive.
someone also suggest it could be my windows disk .
someone said that it could be the Hard drive itself just packed in so i bought a new one , done it again.

I need help lol

i wana play !
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  1. Without even thinking about the error code or random stuff make sure your installing at least service pack 2 on the disk. otherwise the install will fail over and over, some hardware doesnt support XP before SP2. This happened to me with my eee pc when i had XP on it awhile back. the rest seems unlikely. Especially if it keeps failing at the same point which im betting it is.
  2. i have a corp disk of windows xp proff sp2 ye and its worked on my last pc ..
  3. i would suggest gettin a new CD of XP pro corp, as it could be a currupt installation which will cause this problem.
  4. papalarge123 said:
    i would suggest gettin a new CD of XP pro corp, as it could be a currupt installation which will cause this problem.

    yep ^^^

    or get Linux

    I <3 the beta for 9.04

    or get Windows 7. that was good too.
  5. First I would suggest removing the jumper on the HD, and trying to reinstall windows. Removing the jumper should default to the cable select setting.

    Before running the format/install process, take a soft cloth and some water and clean the disc as good as possible. Try to remove any fingerprints, smudges, and dirt. Use a can of air to blow out the optical drive.

    Then start the format/install process.
  6. no jumpers on HDD its letting the cable select atm , so everyone iv asked on msn ect they all say new disk of windows , so atm im downloading a working torrent of sp3 , cas my mates got it and it works he recommended it .

    and yes i know notty notty my using fake windows xD
  7. ditch the old HDD (waaaayyyyy toooooo old - most likely 2mb cache first/second gen 7200rpm = SLOW) and that PSU (wont be able to draw even half the W's then it says) sounds like rubbish to me and make sure during assembly you 1) mounted that motherboard correctly 2) mounted the HSF correctly and 3) wired it correctly

    also with newer machines Vista X64 is the way - xp is a dinosaur now, there is no reason to stick to xp
  8. Toss the ide and use a SATA.
  9. dude you have no point posting here .... for half the things you said are wrong lol . plus get a new graphics card . getting old aswell .

    and also my WD is 16mb cache

    which i am also adding my raptor sata in with my pc , my WD is only for my OS thats it . so dude ur help isnt needed .

    also to add 560W Hyper Type R are one of the leading power companys for Psu. its sli ready meaning also if it was ready then for shure its gona power my sistem ...
  10. Bad ram can cause such symptoms. Have you run memtest86+ without error?
  11. how do i do that with no windows installed its a balnk HDD or is it software with the mobo ?
  12. sniperdoguk said:
    how do i do that with no windows installed its a balnk HDD or is it software with the mobo ?

    You download an ISO image and boot from it. Memtest has it's own OS.
  13. hm ... but the rams brand new worked on my prevous pc , and its not even 1 month old yet

    Ocz 2X1GB ddr2 800mhz platnium
  14. First, I would recommend trying a new install of windows.

    second, I would try booting with 1 stick of RAM at a time, alternating slots.
  15. I had this problem. This is what I did and it worked for me. Won't hurt to try it.

    BSOD while installing XP on newer hardware can sometimes be fixed by making a slipstreamed installation disc with your hardware's proper drivers using nLite (free program). If you have another computer, run nLite and it will ask you to put in your windows CD and it will copy all the files. Then it asks for drivers, which you would need to download from the manufacturers website. Then it will put it all together in a bootable ISO which you burn to CD and voila! XP install with no BSOD.
  16. i have got a copy of windoews SP3 xp pro doewnloaded from my friend who said it works and i have proof lol , but i cant seem to get it to disk , iv tried g burner and it failed lol
  17. and no it didnt work lol , i put new ram in it and it done the same thing
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