Case: Last Two Pieces of my Puzzle!

I will shortly be building an I7 920 mildly overclocked (3.3 - 3.4), 2 sli 275 gtx, 6 GB of ram, with 2 dvds and 2 hds. I am a fan of Crysis Warlock and of Far Cry 2!

I am looking at 2 cases:

1) Antec 902 and,

2) CM 690 with optional window

The Antec does have air filters but I am not crazy of the design. However, I could live with it.

The CM will require additional fans but with the optional window it looks classy.

My question is twofold:

Which case would be the better one for my set up?

What size PSU (Corsair of course)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. similar problem couple of weeks ago...finally I ended with cm haf 932, 3x 200 fans and 120 and really very quite - I couldn`t be happier and the price is same as antec 902...
  2. I think its just a matter of taste. A case is mostly subjective. I'd say go with an Antec 300, 902, or 1200...but you don't like the go with the CoolerMaster?
  3. Personally I think the CM690 is a nice sleek case, especially the Nvidia Edition. This is something I want to use in my new rig someday.
  4. Would either a 902 or CM 690 accept 2 275gtx?
  5. pinibo said:
    Would either a 902 or CM 690 accept 2 275gtx?

    The 902 will, if the 275 is 11" or less.
  6. I'm pretty sure the 285 is a 10.5" card, therefore the CM690 should accept it but a Antec 902 looks bigger.
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