ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 - PSU - Crashes


I recently purchased a chillblast computer and specified a few options including the ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 1gb. Rather stupidly went for the more expensive q9550 over the stock overclocked processor (thinking it would be better, i really should have done some reading) but haho.

I mainly play world of warcraft and all runs fairly well at around 50fps at 1980x1200, max settings.

However after a couple of hours playing, WoW dies and brings up a error message that i don't understand. Windows still works and i can log straight back in but crashes again after a while (an hour or 2)

I was reading various problems with 4870 and creative x-fi sound card and wow but these seem to be fixed with recent drivers.

I did read a review recommending a 750watt psu but i only have a 500watt one, as this was recommended min for the system.

Could this be causing the problems?
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  1. Depends on the PSU really do you know the make and model or can you take the side off the case and post what it says for the +12V Rail/s Both in Amps and Watts if the info is there.

  2. The order states

    "Thermaltake High Performance 500W PSU "
  3. If its any help the error message i am getting is:

    World of WarCraft (build 9551)

    Exe: C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    Time: Feb 15, 2009 12:16:14.615 PM
    User: Administrator
    Computer: ADMIN-YO5L2SV3A

    This application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
    Program: C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0023:6F62AD03

    The instruction at "0x6F62AD03" referenced memory at "0x00000008".
    The memory could not be "read".

    WoWBuild: 9551
    SET locale "enGB"
    SET hwDetect "0"
    SET gxResolution "1920x1200"
    SET gxRefresh "60"
    SET gxMultisampleQuality "0.000000"
    SET gxFixLag "0"
    SET fullAlpha "1"
    SET SmallCull "0.040000"
    SET DistCull "500.000000"
    SET trilinear "1"
    SET frillDensity "32"
    SET farclip "1277"
    SET pixelShaders "1"
    SET particleDensity "1.000000"
    SET unitDrawDist "300.000000"
    SET movie "0"
    SET readTOS "1"
    SET readEULA "1"
    SET realmList ""
    SET realmName "Doomhammer"
    SET gameTip "54"
    SET mouseSpeed "1"
    SET Gamma "1.000000"
    SET MusicVolume "0"
    SET SoundVolume "1"
    SET MasterVolume "1"
    SET AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186"
    SET uiScale "0.84999996423721"
    SET readScanning "-1"
    SET readContest "-1"
    SET patchlist ""
    SET PreferedLocale "enUS"
    SET CombatLogRangeCreature "50"
    SET showToolsUI "1"
    SET timingTestError "0"
    SET EnableMusic "0"
    SET coresDetected "4"
    SET readTerminationWithoutNotice "1"
    SET Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverName "System Default"
    SET Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverName "System Default"
    SET Sound_OutputDriverName "System Default"
    SET Sound_MasterVolume "0.30000001192093"
    SET Sound_SFXVolume "0.20000000298023"
    SET Sound_MusicVolume "0.30000001192093"
    SET Sound_AmbienceVolume "0.30000001192093"
    SET ChatMusicVolume "0"
    SET ChatSoundVolume "1"
    SET ChatAmbienceVolume "0"
    SET OutboundChatVolume "1.2000000476837"
    SET InboundChatVolume "1"
    SET VoiceActivationSensitivity "0.51999998092651"
    SET statusBarText "1"
    SET M2UseShaders "0"
    SET useWeatherShaders "0"
    SET weatherDensity "3"
    SET videoOptionsVersion "1"
    SET groundEffectDist "140"
    SET CombatDeathLogRange "150"
    SET gxDepthBits "24"
    SET gxMultisample "4"
    SET Sound_EnableErrorSpeech "0"
    SET showPartyDebuffs "0"
    SET CombatLogRangeParty "50"
    SET CombatLogRangePartyPet "50"
    SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayers "50"
    SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayersPets "50"
    SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayers "50"
    SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayersPets "50"
    SET DesktopGamma "1"
    SET PushToTalkButton "RCTRL"
    SET SkyCloudLOD "1"
    SET horizonfarclip "1305"
    SET MapWaterSounds "0"
    SET gxColorBits "24"
    SET shadowLOD "0"
    SET autoLootCorpse "1"
    SET installType "Retail"
    SET portal "eu"
    SET Sound_ZoneMusicNoDelay "1"
    SET environmentDetail "1.5"
    SET showGameTips "0"
    SET gxVSync "0"
    SET checkAddonVersion "0"
    SET Sound_EnableAmbience "0"
    SET Sound_EnableMusic "0"
    SET Sound_EnableHardware "1"
    SET textureFilteringMode "5"
    SET processAffinityMask "3"
    SET Sound_NumChannels "64"
    SET gxTripleBuffer "1"
    SET gxWindow "1"
    SET shadowLevel "0"
    SET specular "1"
    SET Sound_OutputQuality "2"
    SET groundEffectDensity "64"
    SET extShadowQuality "4"
    SET gxMaximize "1"
    SET lastCharacterIndex "2"

    x86 Registers

    EAX=052ECF7C EBX=3DECF810 ECX=00000000 EDX=00404239 ESI=3DECF850
    EDI=0528AF80 EBP=0528AF80 ESP=0664FDD0 EIP=6F62AD03 FLG=00010202
    CS =0023 DS =002B ES =002B SS =002B FS =0053 GS =002B

    Stack Trace (Manual)

    Address Frame Logical addr Module

    Showing 27/27 threads...

    --- Thread ID: 3144 ---
    75DF11D8 001EF23C 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3652 ---
    75DF11D8 03C0FF18 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006BB325 03C0FF34 0001:002BA325 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006D56D5 03C0FF48 0001:002D46D5 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDBCF 03C0FF80 0001:003ECBCF C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDC74 03C0FF94 0001:003ECC74 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    7767CFED 03C0FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 03C0FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3656 ---
    75DF11D8 03DEFF18 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006BB325 03DEFF34 0001:002BA325 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006D56D5 03DEFF48 0001:002D46D5 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDBCF 03DEFF80 0001:003ECBCF C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDC74 03DEFF94 0001:003ECC74 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    7767CFED 03DEFFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 03DEFFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3660 ---
    75DF11D8 03F5FF18 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006BB325 03F5FF34 0001:002BA325 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006D56D5 03F5FF48 0001:002D46D5 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDBCF 03F5FF80 0001:003ECBCF C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDC74 03F5FF94 0001:003ECC74 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    7767CFED 03F5FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 03F5FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3668 [Current Thread] ---
    6F62AD03 0528AF80 0001:00049D03 C:\Windows\system32\atiumdag.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3672 ---
    75E6E3F3 069BFF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 069BFFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 069BFFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3676 ---
    75E6E3F3 06B2FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 06B2FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 06B2FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3572 ---
    75DF0C88 070AFF20 0001:00000C88 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006BD254 070AFF48 0001:002BC254 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDBCF 070AFF80 0001:003ECBCF C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    007EDC74 070AFF94 0001:003ECC74 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    7767CFED 070AFFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 070AFFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3204 ---
    75DF0C88 0725FB40 0001:00000C88 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    007CB33D 0725FB4C 0001:003CA33D C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    004555FE 0725FF6C 0001:000545FE C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006A79A7 0725FF88 0001:002A69A7 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    75E6E3F3 0725FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0725FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0725FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3148 ---
    75DF11D8 0796FF44 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006AB710 0796FF54 0001:002AA710 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    00780C82 0796FF6C 0001:0037FC82 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006A79A7 0796FF88 0001:002A69A7 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    75E6E3F3 0796FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0796FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0796FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3756 ---
    75E6E3F3 0B37FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0B37FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0B37FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3692 ---
    75DF0C88 0B4EFF68 0001:00000C88 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    00837CB4 0B4EFF74 0001:00436CB4 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    0083BDC9 0B4EFF88 0001:0043ADC9 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    75E6E3F3 0B4EFF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0B4EFFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0B4EFFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3768 ---
    75DF0C88 0B65FF68 0001:00000C88 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    00837CB4 0B65FF74 0001:00436CB4 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    0083BDC9 0B65FF88 0001:0043ADC9 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    75E6E3F3 0B65FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0B65FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0B65FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3784 ---
    75DF11D8 0B80FF38 0001:000011D8 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    006AB710 0B80FF48 0001:002AA710 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    00421B85 0B80FF60 0001:00020B85 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    00421CA1 0B80FF6C 0001:00020CA1 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006A79A7 0B80FF88 0001:002A69A7 C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    75E6E3F3 0B80FF94 0001:0007E3F3 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    7767CFED 0B80FFD4 0001:0006CFED C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
    7767D1FF 0B80FFEC 0001:0006D1FF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll

    --- Thread ID: 3788 ---
    75DF34A9 0B9BFD08 0001:000034A9 C:\Windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll
    004223FB 0B9BFF60 0001:000213FB C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    00421CBE 0B9BFF6C 0001:00020CBE C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    006A79A7 0B9BFF88 0001:002A
  4. Wow can be to put it bluntly a pain in the ass at times. Are your drivers the latest out, and did the problem happen when you last updated or soon after ?
    If it did then roll back to the older drivers that didnt give you a problem. With a new PC rolling back the drivers may still help, its the aplication not the PC thats the issue IF it is drivers and sometimes older drivers just work better.
    Personally i keep 3 sets that i know are good as finding th eold ones again can be a pain if you get issues.
    Also you should check your DX is up to date

  5. Is there anyway to monitor the drain on the PSU to rule that out?
  6. as long i know there is no monitor take power from psu, maybe the gpu temp too high?
    did u check the fan? maybe it's the driver problem like Mactronix say,but new stuff like HD4870 suppose to work with newest driver anyway
  7. Stevos, is your system overclocked in any way?, your error sounds like it is so take a min or two and reset any custom settings in your bios and see how it does. I would check for memory timings, if it is at custom put it on auto

    Alternatively you can check your system stability by using memtest, its free just google it. If your system is unstable even after reseting your bios to auto then your RAM might be at fault here, maybe from not getting enough juice from your PSU?? ;)

  8. Also, some 4870 video cards runs hot and maybe too hot for your mobo, check the temps in Ati CCC and if your idle temps are higher than 60 degrees then unlock Ati Overdrive and adjust your video cards fan to 35 ~ 40% and temps should drop to normal values.

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