After a rootkit virus was blocked by avast antivirus, my windows xp home laptop

How do I fix my laptop? I need to get into windows and access my files. I tried a reinstall but still get the cursor. I then tried to boot off a linux cd with bit defender and the drive can be seen, but I need to run windows off the hard drive. Any help/suggestions are welcome. Bit defender did find 6 infected files which it disinfected and supposedly fixed but still cannot get my hdd to boot into windows.
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  1. can you boot into 'Safe Mode with Network'?
  2. This is a home PC, no network. I am using another laptop to send this response.
  3. how about plain 'Safe Mode'?
  4. I cannot boot in safe mode as I do not get the windows splash screen, only a flashing cursor.
  5. Emerald said:
    how about plain 'Safe Mode'?

    No. I cannot get to windows splash screen, I only get a blank screen with flashing cursor.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. Finally fixed the laptop the hard way. Copied all my data to another Hard drive using linux boot disk. Then reinstalled Windows xp. Sometimes the long route is the best and safest. I will now purchase a 1.8 inch hdd and clone my machine, also will do a backup. We learn from our mistakes.
  7. One thing I would copying all your files over, without removing the infections, you may have also copied over the infection. I would suggest running through the malware guide in my signature to make sure you are clean.
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