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I'm giving away my current computer to my aunt (she just got laid off and wanted to learn about computer stuff) so I need to build something quick, this or next week.
I already have 6GB DDR3 + case + ps + video card
I live near Microcenter so I could get I7 for $230+tax
I use my computer for surfing, music,movies, vmware, programming
I want my new system somewhat future-proof (upgradeable)

I'm deciding between Phenom II and I7. Generally, AMD is more bang for the buck but in my case a Phenom X4 would cost almost as much as an I7. What I'm afraid is that the new x58 motherboard might not be mainstream in the future and I wouldn't have a lot of choices for upgrades. If I go with AM3, the mother board would cost almost as much as an x58 and I would pay almost the same for less performance.
Going AM2+ is the cheapest but I can't take advantage of the 6GB DDR3 that I have.

Please give me your input. Thanks.
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  1. Just go with an I7 if you can afford it.
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