How to add drive space? Drive C is full, HELP////

Hi, my drive C is completely full. I just bought and plugged in the Seagate HDD. I got a drive space called '' J '' but I can't save any download there or open a file because it still said that the drive is full. What is going on? How I am supposed to acquire more drive space on my desktop Acer T180 Vista?
I am getting all registry problem as expected with a completly full drive C.

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  1. Connect an external (USB) hard disk to your computer. Transfer some of the data from the C:\ drive to the external hard disk, then delete those files from the C drive. This will free up some space on the C drive.

    Shut down, and turn OFF the power to the computer. Wear an anti-static grounding strap.

    Now connect the new hard disk to one of the computer's internal SATA ports, and note down the SATA port number marked on the motherboard. Next re-start, tap the appropriate key and get into the BIOS. Go through the menus and enable the SATA connector that you connected the hard drive to.

    Re-start and the new drive should be visible in Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Storage ---> Disk Management. Right click on the disk that you just installed and enabled, and do a format (NTFS)

    Now your newly installed drive is ready for use.
  2. Thank you :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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