Blu-ray Burners????

I've been looking at a few blu-ray burners lately and I'm wondering if there are any out on the market that you guys would recommend? Are any of them priced reasonably enough? I was looking to spend around $150 +/-$25.

Here are some I was thinking about:

I'm a newb when it comes to optical drives.
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    Have 2 Blu-ray burners, an LG and a samsung. Both work good.

    As to the ones listed.
    LG low price, But looks like a discontiued model. No Blu-ray software (OEM Drives often do not include software) Blu-ray software is about $75 +/- $25, No freebies
    Liteon - OEM, but looks Like it comes with cyberlink PowerDVD software. Only 14 reviews, not enough for good eval.

    I use PowerDVD ver 7 & 9 that came with my two drives and have had no problem, Normally have to update to get latest decrytion algorthim. Us Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre on laptop blu-ray players. WinDVD9 is cheaper, but can not say how it compares, but us cheaper.
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