Which is better e5400 oc 3.5ghz or e7500 2.93ghz (stock)

hi guys i was planning to buy a budget processor replacing my pentium D 3.0ghz into a dual core E5400 oc @ 3.5ghz or core 2 duo E7500 2.93ghz (stock) which is better on that 2 plss help

here's my other hardware spec

Gigabyte GAG31M-ES2C G31 Vpcie/S
corsair xms2 dhx ddr2 800 2g

thats all thanks ^_^
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  1. E5400 will be faster clocked @3.5Ghz, E7500 can OC as well, so get E7500 and go 3.5Ghz.

    Unless I am missing something obvious!
  2. ahhh ok i see but since i need a budget cpu maybe i will go to the E5400 .... but i have another question last night i try to oc my sister pc we have a same mobo but her processor is core 2 duo 2.5ghz i dont know what kind of E model is that ..... so i went to bios and i look for cpu host frequency but the problem is i cant highlight the cpu host frequency what does it mean?? ... my mobo is not allowing me to oc my processor ..or is there something i should do like unlocking the filter of my bios etc. what do you think guys????

    thats all thanks ^_^
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