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I work for an architect firm in Maryland, we are in the process of upgrading our workstation and originally we were going to get the GTX 295 cards but one of the other employees suggested that we should go with the Quadro cards instead because that is what they are designed for. I did a little research on my own and still not sure which would be better for our applications. If you have any input on this it would be greatly appeciated Thanks in advance
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  1. Quadro cards are designed for rendering and realtime cad/cam apps.

    GTX/geforce, etc.. are for fast rendering of games that deal will pre renderd textures in memory.

    The nvidia Quadros have the ability to do math and work out complex shapes in REAL time. if you want fast, fluid and high quaility rendering for Film making or 3d apps such as CINEMA 4D, 3Dmax, Maya and CAD/CAM apps such as soldworks, autodesk and architect applications.
    Hence the high price.

    GTX/Geforce cards can only handle pre rendered textures and can display them quickly for game play, but they cant real time render as fast as the quadro.

    Get the Quadro.
  2. You should go for Quadro FX cards.... they are the best for Architectural needs(working on AutoCAD etc.)
  3. Dont go with quadro unless your spending $1000+ on each card. we have quadros 4500 and 3450s in our animation studio and we just got a 9800 gtx for a gaming machine and its outperforming the quadros 4500s by more than 2x the performance in most cases(a 9800 costs around a third if what a 4500 goes for). The main difference between quadros and geforce are tweaked drivers, if your going for quadros make sure its worth it with your app.
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