New hard drive standard will make XP obsolete

From Maximum PC:

In 2011 data will be written on 4k blocks instead of current 512 blocks.

What do you think? I never save anything smaller than 4K anyway. Will a third party come to the rescue?
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  1. > Hard drive manufacturers know this,
    > so they have built in emulation for the 512 byte block size.

    Western Digital are already selling HDDs with this new 4K sector:
    contact them for the very latest developments with their HDD products.

    For example, see "Advanced Format Technology" on this WD Scorpio Blue:

    Under "Interface" choose "SATA 3 Gb/s w/AdvFormat".

    Why not buy one and measure the performance yourself?

    MS is trying to spread fear about XP becoming obsolete:
    however, 74% of business PCs still use XP.

    In my opinion, what also needs to happen is an enhancement
    to the SATA protocol, to upgrade to 4k "jumbo frames"
    during transmission: this will eliminate almost all of
    the 10/8 overhead on every byte (one start bit and
    one stop bit for each 8-bit byte).

    The 10/8 overhead is THE reason why SATA/3G = 300 MB/second,
    and SATA/6G = 600 MB/second (just divide by 10).

    When I proposed this to the SATA standards organization
    in Beaverton, Oregon, they wanted me to pay them to review it.

    My proposal made news at here:

  2. So, I'm confused. Am I okay if I don't get a 2011-HDD?
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