World of Warcraft and the 9800 GTX

I play world of warcraft and since blizzard has made some changes to their graphics I get really crummy frame rates even with all my settings down. I was looking in to buying a 9800 GTX card to replace my 7600 series card. However, a friend told me not to buy that card because nvidia was having a lot of driver issues. Is that true? Should I buy an 8800 instead?

I run with 3g of RAM and my mobo is an ASUS A8N32SLI Deluxe with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ chipset. I just want a card that will help my slow frame rates.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I own a 9800GTX+ and the only driver problem I had was with a beta version giving me artifacts with AA on. This has since gone away and the card rocks.

    I am thinking that you will bottleneck the card though with that old 939 3800. Regardless of bottleneck you will definitely see an improvement. Be sure that your PSU will support it.

    If you have the cash it’s time for an upgrade. : )
  2. Absolutely right. It's time to upgrade the platform, so you'll actually get the improvements you want out of your new GPU purchase. Memory is dirt cheap for DDR2, so it's a good time to do it. :)
  3. I upgraded my SLI 7950GT's this weekend to a pair of 9800GTX cards and noticed a huge improvement over the drag in FPS i've seen in the last few weeks of patches. SO far, no troubles from the drivers to speak of.

    My next set of upgrades would be the mobo and cpu, where I'll see the full capabilities of those cards.
  4. hi mate im thinkiing about geting this game is i worth paying that fee every month do you contrrol th game like fabe?
  5. please pay attention i work at a computer store.. WE had a customer walk in and ask for a better computer all together and we gave him a whole new setup with a 9600 gt.. hes a warcraft gamer and we discovered the bsod (blue screen of death) everytime we played the game. .the card preformed on every other game brilliantly. The error was an nvidia error.. Now this was about 5 months ago and unless blizzard fixed the problem then its still bugged. Keep in mind this wasnt the 9800gtx but supposovly the 9000 series is bugged with warcraft! we even discovered issues with an 8500 gt after givin up on the 9600 and it was still another nvidia error. trust me we tried everything. we ended up throwing in a lower grade 3000 series ATI card. Everything worked perfectly. Id recommend ATI for this game unfortunatly. Im an nvidia guy myself but that experience will stay with me forever atleast 2 weeks of work trying to get his card to work but he didnt wanna ditch the card or the game.. Luckily we pried him off the card and got him on something that worked.. Surprisngly enough warcraft was pretty much maxed out with that card and it wasnt anything to amazing. Good luck
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