System Model : XPS 435 MT

Memory : 3x2GB of DDR3 memory with 1333MHz.

I have 2gb of 3 memory sticks - total speed shown is 1066 MHz instead of 1333 MHz

Tried populating memory in combinations of 135 & 246 , made no difference to the speed

As per Triple Channel configuration, 3 memory sticks of 2gb each , total of 6 gb on slot 135 or 246 should show 1333 MHz not 1066 MHz

Pl advise



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  1. By default X58 and i7 920 run memory at 1066mhz. You'll need to go into the BIOS and change the default memory multiplier from 2:8 to 2:10, that should equal to 133mhz x 10 = 1333mhz RAM.
  2. As for the rated speed: The SPD chip on your RAM provides a number of potential settings, and your computer's Bios has chosen the default. If you don't like that it's showing a different number, then set your memory divider appropriately. 2:10, as Flyin indicates.

    As for any difference in speed... You may not want to bother, since there is little/no performance gain associated by running higher clocks:,2325.html
  3. Amazing guys, got this working now ! -

    This is one of the best & fastest reply I ever had

    Good luck & thanks again :)

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