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i overclocked my vid card just not and my fps got lowered.. on the css stress test, how can that be, i mean my picture got better tho, my core clock came 925 and intreast it to 975 and moved up mu memory just like this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA2mS5ul340 but my fps went lower, and when I tried to put it back it was still the same lower fps. someone help me plz ty
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  1. If you put it back and it was still lower than original, sounds like an anomaly in your benchmark. Could also be due to background processes running. If your CPU is causing a bottleneck, then having any sort of background process running is going to hurt your FPS.

    List more system specs. You don't even mention what graphics card you're using. It's pretty hard to help someone off complete guesswork.
  2. thanks bro its a 4890 xoc it was oc manufactored at 925 core clock, and 1050 mhz mem - but I'm noticing better graphics tho. and my amd overdrive menchmarks when up to, and did another stress test and it whent back to normal (im oced) i folled this guys instructions, im playing codmw twice the servewr was alil laggy but i dont know if it was me cause the server
  3. Did you change any of the graphics settings in the game or test? ie: screen resolution, graphic detail, etc. You're saying you're seeing better graphics and to me that would mean an increased graphical setting in game or test which could produce lower FPS.
  4. i did both with and without, and surprisingly there the same
    my oc was unstable I was right I put it back to 925 and now i can enjoy play codmw without anylagg I mught have solved the prob - with your help
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