Ram problems.

Hello, I recently tried overclocking my system but my ram is a little bit old and requires 1.8V in order to be stable at 1600 mhz. I have heard that going beyond 1.65v is dangerous so I ended up with 1328 mhz, but my comp tells me that its running at 1066 mhz. Any idea on what to do or why it's like this because clearly in the bios it says it's 1328 and on cpu-z its 666.X mhz x 2 = 132X.

Thank you for helping.
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  1. Can you give us more info? What CPU, Mobo, RAM?

    Where does your comp tell you it's running at 1066? If you want to see what it's really running at, download CPUZ. There's a memory tab, and it'll tell you it's current speed and timings. Well actually it'll probably tell you 666, which being DDR ram you just times that by 2 for the real speed.

    But yes, more info is needed for a good answer.
  2. I have a P7P55D Pro motherboard, with http://www.corsair.com/_datasheets/TW3X4G1600C9DHX.pdf ram. An i5 750 at 3.33 (20 x 166). The ram is kinda old so 1.8 is needed for 1600 so i just stuck with 1328 at 1.65v. on CPU-z it says 666.X but on PerformanceTest, it says its running on 1066 mhz. I trust cpu-z but just a little confused because performance test said 1066.

    Thank you for helping.
  3. what kind of software did you test yor dram?
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