Sli 8800 gt or a different card?

Hi i'm working on building on a new computer, and my friend is giving me his old 8800 gt.
i was planning on getting this mobo:
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
and eventually get a second 8800 gt and sli them, but then it was pointed out to me that this board could only crossfire, not sli. so my question is, at this point would it be worth it to get a different board that can sli and sli two 8800 gt? or just get this board and upgrade to a newer single card? what's going to give me better performance without dropping 500 bucks on a video card.

if sli 8800 is a good route, what's a good sli board to get?
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  1. First, if your knowlege of SLI is limited, read the FAQ at the top of the forum front page. SLI and Crossfire have certain penalties you should be aware of before making this decision.

    The key questions is; What resoloution do you intend to play at and how much AA/AF do you want to use?
    The 8800 is a fine if dated card, and is still around, rebranded, as the 9800GT.

    Without knowing the anwsers to my questions I would say; get an SLI board drop in the 8800 and see how it performs on the games you play and display you`re using. If it`s sub-par then you still have all the options open; SLI a second card or put in something with more power.
  2. 1920x1080, idealy with most as much aa and af maxed out as possible. i'm not neccisarily set on staying nvidia too, i had a 9800 pro for years and it served me fine so ati is also an option for an upgrade. what single card upgrade would be better than dual 8800? obviously a 4870 or gtx 295 would be, but what on the cheaper end would be?

    also, what sli board would you reccomend?
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