EVGA GTX295 Discontinued?

Has anyone else noticed the lack of EVGA GTX 295's on the market? Even on their website, the product cannot be bought. It has been taken off of newegg as well. Could it be that the times are calling for production cuts, or maybe postponing until a later date when more can afford it?

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything. Maybe Tom's should do a story on it.
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  1. I heard there was a shortage and backlog of gtx 295 in general everywhere across the board
  2. That means they're selling like hotcakes.

    According to the mods on the EVGA forums they're still in production. They just can't keep up with demand.
  3. there is a shortage of them right now. I've been in the Step-Up waiting list for a GTX295 for two weeks now, and i'm only #270 in the queue.
  4. Sounds more like a paper launch then a crazed frenzy of buyers.
  5. You don't have to buy EVGA. Last I checked tigerdirect still had the PNY version of the card. I'm down to #90 on my EVGA step-up, but I only jump a couple spaces a week if I'm lucky. Just more use out of the the 260-216 for me...
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