I am thinking of making a AMD build

I am thinking of having a AMD build as my next computer. The Phenom 2 processors seem to be really worth the money. Is it a good idea?
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  1. right now AMD is king as far as price to performance is concerned i put together an AM3 system (with 710 tri core) for less than 600 dollars with a 4830 (soon to be upgraded) and a very solid power supply as well as hdd and case,i could have built a system with the 7750 kuma be for probably less than five hundred dollars but i decided to get something that would allow me to multi task without requring me to overclock right away (i only had to over clock it slightly) i am probably going to trade the chip to get the new phenom ll x2 coming out in a few weeks,they are high end dual cores with 6-7mb of cache and clocked at 3.0-3.2 ghz at stock and they will be priced for less than 130 dollars (some say they might be priced for less than a 100 dollars but i doubt it, at least not at launch) so i might move to those simply because i don't really need more than two cores and if ever do i can always keep the 710 anyway and have two systems lol....but yeah right now and probably for the rest of the year AMD has the best price to performance chips on the market regardless of whether it's for low end use or high end. Things might change once the i5's drop but knowing intel those chips won't be cheaper than what AMD has to offer and right now the phenom ll line is doing great. So yeah if you want to build a cheap gaming rig or an everyday rig AMD is probably the best choice at the moment.
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