GA-890FXA-UD5 and gskill memory ?

i have a GA-890FXA-UD5 gigabyte mobo and am wondering if i could install some F3-16000CL9D-2GBRH gkill ripjaw sticks i continuously hear how ripjaws are based for intel chipsets and the actual site says p55 chipset but many people are telling me that i should install that onto my 1055t build but as far as i know its not compatible

am i wrong? if so can anyone recommend me some good sticks for overclocking the 1055t to 3.7(or that area) ghz
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  1. Here's Gigabyte's list notice the Memory modules listed below are for reference only. Due to massive memory models on the market, we can only verify some of them.
    Many people have successfully installed ram not on the list.
  2. so than there is a chance that it will work but not a great chance
  3. a1l3 said:
    so than there is a chance that it will work but not a great chance

    G.skills are good quality ram i think you'll be alright as long as you set it up manually through your bios.
    DRAM voltage being the most important setting.
  4. do you know what kind of settings id need?
  5. Hi.

    The RAM should work but not at the default speed and in that case if u want run it at default speed u need set the specifications of the RAM manually in the BIOS.

    Like a personal advice that RAM isn't very good since the CL is very high for DDR3 u should go with CL8 or lower and 1.65V max.
  6. i was under the impression that cl9 for ddr-2000 was good?
  7. Could it be, but 1600MHz RAM with CL6 or CL7 can give u the same or better performance that 2000MHz RAM with CL9.
  8. but if underclock them i should be able to tighten the timings.... again im not completely familiar with ram so i could easily be wrong
  9. Yeah, but do u want pay more for underclock? or pay less for OC?
  10. well is 125 for 4gb worth of those sticks (as in 2x2) worth it or could you recommend me something better?
  11. I would go with the 2nd one, the 1st one is very expensive.
  12. well in terms of ram i dont really want to go cheap but jsut not to expensive is the extra price for the trident worth it or just stick with the ripjaws?
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    No, both Ripjaws and Trident should have a very similar performance and maybe u won't say any difference between them in games or applications.
  14. I got this mainboard and CPU too, and i ask G.SKILL tech, they told me this board run 2000MHZ is quite difficult.
    it is not stable.
    and i ask them about mainboard's QVL.
    they only guarantee G.Skill QVL.
    so you can find something strange between mainboard's QVL and G.Skill QVL.
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