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CPU / BIOS HELP - Disabling Cores !!!

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April 16, 2009 3:28:50 AM


I wanted to know if it is possible to make a Quad Core act like a Dual Core. At least as far as windows and software is concerned anyway.

Reason being I am running Ansys (engineering FEA software) and it is limited to 2 cores max. So I'd really like to trick the software by making our Xeon 5335 Quad core act like a dual core cpu.

I tried the 'Disable Core' bios setting and ran some benchmarks. Performance Test shows a big drop in CPU but running a demo model in Ansys i get identical run times.

So reckon the bios is disabling the cores 3&4 rather than merging them.

Am I wasting my time trying to make this work?

Rich (frustrated engineer!)
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April 16, 2009 8:29:41 AM

Hmmm, maybe. Unless you really really really wanted to maximize your onboard power, I think two cores of your processor would do.
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April 16, 2009 12:11:15 PM

Why you would think disabling cores would make your PC any faster is just one of those things I guess I'll never understand.
Though the program may only use 2 cores, your OS is using the other 2 to handle background tasks.
The speed and benefit of multiple cores is depend on the fact that the cores can work INDEPENDANTLY of each other to get more work done. That is the entire basis of multicore technology.