Not sure if this fits in here, but building a new case from ground up

Hello everyone,

I have made the plunge and have started building my own custom case from the ground up... Size of this case is going to be 14 1/2" Wide x 23" Long x 18" high. This is all being built with sheet Aluminum at 1/8 thick. The Top and the front will have 1/4" thick Black star Granite, and the inside will have blue granite, and all exposed aluminum will be painted candy red. I am still working out all the details with this case build but here is what I have so far, Let me know what you guys think.

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  1. Looks good, I've always wondering if I could make my on BTX compatibe case lol. Post more pics!
  2. Looks good, all I can say is that you must have a lot of time on your hands. :p
  3. On the cooleguys website you can find plan/pattern, i'm not sure of the term, for percing the fan hole.
    for the mounting of hard drive in a cage , cd and other thing got an old case for 15-20$ ripoff what youneed in it . I do one similar project 2 years ago and for the insde of the case i do that. For the motherboard tray some pc case company can sold it separetly. Just be sure it's fit and don't forget to make a removable tray, that,s really usefull.
    Good luck with your project.
    I wait for your next picture.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts guys...

    Xenonviector927: yes at this point I do have a little time on my hands, LOL> I saw a site called montain mods and seen there case's and liked them, just didn't want to spend the $400 dollars they want for some of there case's

    I have the frame up and ready as you can see in the pics. I used Sheet Aluminum, and I am working on getting the back and front plates all cut out to accept the Psu's there will be two spot for them, and cutting out the mother board spot. I have an old case that I cut the mother board out of and 5.25 bay holder out of but I am not sure if I am going to use it or not. Montain mods sells a mother board holder and I am debating on just spending the $49 bucks for it.

    I will post more pics at the end of today, should have the front panel on and the back panel if all goes well...
  5. Also I am thinking about going with black granite on the inside of the case instead of blue. All my lights and fans with lcds will be Red, along with my blood red fluid xp+ fluid. I am also thinking of putting 360mm fans in this monster.
  6. Heres some more pics guys,

    I have to cut out for the 120mm fans yet, but its coming along nice. I was going to buy a mother board from montain mods but made my own out of 1/4" aluminum

  7. Just got the two 120mm fans cut out, and fit the motherboard to make sure all is well. Ready for paint!!

  8. How'd you make that MB tray? I am very interested in this, because I want to make my own lol. Also will the PSU's be mounted and held up by only the four screws?
  9. Wow... it's really starting to take shape now! Nice job!
  10. HEHE, I just noticed that the case is roughly 2x the width of a normal one lol.
  11. AKM880,

    Yep, it sure is, It is 14 1/2" wide and 18" tall without the casters. The motherboard tray I made out of a thicker aluminum, and marked all holes and drilled and taped them to fit standard motherboard stand offs. They take 1/8" holes and I used a stainless steel stand off and tapped the holes. The PCI-E cage was taken from another case....
  12. Thanks Xenon,

    I am surprised that with out a machine shop I can do all of this LOL. I am working on the front panel today and hope to have it done and the top panel cut out and ready for the water cooling system. Then I'll have to take it in to my work, and attach the Granite on it. What do you guys think, red lights with the black granite on the inside or stick with the blue granite?
  13. AKM880 said:
    How'd you make that MB tray? I am very interested in this, because I want to make my own lol. Also will the PSU's be mounted and held up by only the four screws?

    I am going to support the PSU's some how, not sure yet... well atleast the top one will have to have support. The bottom one rest's on the floor of the case, so no support needed.
  14. Heres some more pics guys,

    Its been a slow day for production. I am working on the front plate still, I have most of it cut out and working on the detail work for the drive bays. I am making my own out of Aluminum. I think this will give this build a very sturdy feel to it. I have the mother board tray done and the it is 100% slide out. Unscrew 4 screws and its out. I might even make the back side of the motherboard tray with stand offs to mount another motherboard as a test platform, and load up software and drivers to the computer i am trouble shooting or building.

    Case building is very interesting when doing everything by hand. Would it be nice to have a CNC laser cutting machine right now, LOL. One thing I can say about it is that the sheet metal place that I have been buying my aluminum from has one, and for around $40 dollars in labor and hour, I can bring in a CAD file for them of my design and they can cut and bend whatever I come up with.

  15. This case would be pwnage for water cooling etc lol. I can just imagine ......
  16. Hey guys,

    Still working on the front hard drive bays holders. I have taken apart my old Honey well 12" fan, it has a 8" blade and I am going to work it into my build for the radiator cooling fan and If it works out I am going to go to target and buy 2 more of them for 20 buck a piece and install them also. Every since I have attached my radiator to the side of my case and put a 230 mm fan on it, seems like it doesn't cool my rig as well.... These honey well fans have a three speed control and move a crap load of air, and are quiet on the first two settings. I will post pics tonight, I hope I have the front hard drive bays in and painted.
  17. Hey everyone,

    I got the hard drive bays done today, there is six of them, three on each side to house my two dvd drives, one all in one and floppy drive, and the new fan controller coming from the den and a 5.25 double bay water tank coming from the den also. I was using a fill port but have went with the double bay tank. I have heard it drops temps alittle.

    I also was using an Aluminum Trans cooler I got from the parts store when I first did my water cooling set up, I have ordered a black Ice GTS stealth 3x120mm to rebuild a new loop. I ordered quick disconects from koolance so all lines will be able to be taken off with out any leaks... $48 dollars is a small price to pay for such a easy way to pull the loop out of my system. All the parts that I need, 2 250mm fans, 8 Sycth 120mm, that are able to put out between 40 cfm- 110 cfm, power switchs, UV lights, and red lights, New UV red fluid XP Ultra, and 12 feet of 1/2 lines coming from the den. Should all be here by Friday.

    This gives me plenty of time I hope to get the hard drive cage installed and put the Black Star Granite on the top of the case and the front. Hopefully I will have this finished by this weekend and seeing how the temps are in this almost all aluminum case with granite, LOL.

  18. This is the 8" AC fan I was going to put in the front, but I do not think I am going to. It would of moved alot of air...

    I used 1/8 thick smoked glass on the sides... I love the look of this stuff

  19. Looking GOOD!! Keep up the good work!
  20. Thanks AKm880,

    The hard drive bays were a pain in the A$$! I got them to work out though so all is good. I have around $200 in this so far, but looking on the web case like this would of cost me around $450
  21. Do you think that you can provide a picture with lighting? I want to see that awesome smoked glass you commented on lol. Thanks!
  22. no problem, Heres the smoked glass in my NZXT case. All of the parts for this case should be here by friday like I was saying. I even got this cromed out red tubing that is 3/4" to put all the wire runs in. I can't wait to get this all hooked up and see what my temps are like. Right now my setup in the NZXT case phenom II at 3.6ghz idles at 29C-35C, and no higher then 50C at load with the aluminum Radiator I am using right now. I have a swift tech cpu block. I almost ordered a EK water block or Den block for my 4870 but decided not to at this time.

    My mother board temps are between 35C-40C. I am hoping that the 250mm intake fan, and the two 120mm, and 250mm at the top + the aluminum case help bring down the temps, and I guess we will see if a higher dollar radiator is worth the money or not. I paid $45 for the one at the Auto store, and it can have a 360mm fan on it easy. Heres some pics of the smoked glass on my NZXT case I have set up right now.

    Here is some of my other case I put smoked glass in, it is a coolmaster and this is what my 6400x2 be is in at the moment.

  23. Thanks, it was sorta hard to see, but wow that glass is pretty sweet I like it, and is it the whole side is glass or a glass windows.
  24. The new case is all glass sides. the other coolmaster case and the NZXT case I modded them... It does look sharp, I cant wait to get the 2 12" Red tubes and the 2 12" UV lights in the new case. I will post pics when I get this all done, I hope by monday.
  25. You can get that smoked glass at any Manards back in the plexi glass section BTW.
  26. Thats going to be awesome with the tubing and all. This is going to be one heck of a case lol. Have you decided on a name?!? lol
  27. I haven't thought about naming it, and a couple of the really cool things about this case is, one, it is pretty light givin its size, The top granite and front piece will add some more weight to this build but not that much more. Two, I can pull the mother aboard tray out and remove and replace the granite in the bottom when I want another color. It has been a real pain in a way to do this case, however with all the extras on this case if the temps are good in it, I will have a case with a pull out motherboard and plenty of room to add anything I want in it down the road.
  28. And the granite wont affect any componenets like GPU, or PSU stuff like that.? If I do eventually get to building a case I doubt i'd have enough money for granite lol.
  29. I don't believe it will affect any components. The case is all Aluminum, except for the sides, glass, and the granite is only on the bottom and top and front. I am hoping that the aluminum will draw the heat from the inside of the case and the Granite will help this process by drawing and keeping it to the outside of the case.

    I get this stuff from my work all day long, we have alot of scrap granite left over, lol. it is a very nice product, through a company called Granite Transformations. It is a 1/4" thick and not as heavy as the 3/4 and 1" slab granite. I have cut and dry fit the granite top and front today, and have left DVD bays cut out and working on the right side. 250mm fans are cut out and waiting for parts to get here. I will have pics tonight of the case with the granite dry fitted maybe glued on.
  30. here is some pics of the granite dry fitted onto the top and front....

  31. So you are putting that fan in the front, thats gonna move some serious air lol. Aww such a cute baby in the background, hehe.
  32. Yeah I am putting a 250mm DC Red LED fan in the front and top. I was going to put the 8" ac fan in there but I just don't think I am going to at this time. I can always add it in later if I think it will help with temps. I think what I have planed in it right now with 2x250mm and 6 120mm on a fan controller will be enough to keep temps very low. We will see.

    Yeah thats my son, he is 10 months old on the 19th, my first child at 31 years old. I wanted to wait until I was responsible enough, LOL.

    What do you think of the Granite? It still has to be glued down and stoned on the 45 degree angle and polished.
  33. I think the granite is a superb idea. I haven't ever seen anyone i mean ANYONE, or maybe its just me?!? Put granite in a computer case. The granite makes the computer case look very elegant and rich, i can't describe it lol. All in all, I love the granite and the whole case and wish someday I'll have the brains or time to come up with something this awesome. Good luck to your case building!
  34. Thanks AKm880,

    This is just a start, I may build another one since I spent alot on tools to do all this. Next case will be even better....
  35. Please post more pictures! :bounce: Also please post pictures of the other one lol. You have amazing skills dude. Love your work! :love: :lol:
  36. Well I got the hard drive bays in today and the granite all fit and glued on. Hard drive bays will be in the back instead of front with a 92 mm fan blowing out the hot air they give off. Lights came into day, fan controller, and koolance quick connects, 120mm fans. Tomorrow everything else is gonna be here so tomorrow will be the day. Hopefully I can get this all put together and my rigs switched out.

  37. Its looking great so far, can't wait for the WHOLE complete project! Good Luck!
  38. Well here are some more pics, and this is what it is looking like. I am going to have this done I home by Sat. I have to hook up the water cooling and that is it. Let me know what you guys think. I am kinda shocked the lack of response's or others thoughts on this build.

  39. That thing is pretty sweet :)
  40. Thanks Randomizer,

    She is still under going construction, lol. I will get the water cooling set up tomorrow and see if all my usb splice's worked or not. I had to splice the usb cable for the All in one card reader from rosewill because it was to short. I hope it still works...
  41. Thats looking great! What are the specs of the PC? Beautiful case so far. Cant wait till the water cooling things are in, its gonna look awesome.
  42. Hey guys,

    I ran into some crap luck today. Went to drill out the 120mm holes for the Rad today to get it installed. The 4 1/2 whole drill saw cracked the $hit out of The side panel I am installing the Rad on. I had to go back to Manards to get a new sheet for the side panel.

    I did get it finished to day and am back online with the new build.

    The spes for this build are in my member info.

    It is the Phenom II 940 @3.6ghz with 2 WD 640 blacks in Aid 0.

    Temps in the new are awsome!! I am sitting at 27C on the CPU right now. The fans are all on 50% on the fan control, and these Scythe 110 cfm fans are almost silent at 50%. Mother board temps are at 35C, hard drives are a 35C and 33C. I was worried about how close together they were but with the 92mm mounted to the bay, the heat is not staying in them. I am getting much better temps with the new case then i was with the NZXT tempest case.

    some pics, not the best, I will take more tomorrow and post them. I am still checking for leaks, I am being brave and did not leak test the loop out of the system first.

    This is how I did my loop:

  43. Oh snap, that sucks. Good luck with the panel tho. And real nice computer man, nice work. Great craftsmanship, hope to see more pwnage cases in the future ;)
  44. Looks good, but you should put some cathode lights in there or something so you can see it better. It looks great though :)
  45. Thanks monkeymonk,

    I have 2 12" uvs and 2 12' red lights I am putting in there just didn't install them last night. Got late and I wanted to get my rig back up and running. I will install them today and take better pics.... I left my rig run all night, and NO LEAKS.... I will also clean up the wires in the front. The usb that I spliced into is not working, I cut the wires and used 18 gauge to extend them all have good conections or so I thought. Not sure whats up with that. The two fans rear fans I splice and put on one chanel are working. I have to say I love this new case, and am very happy with it. I don't think I will be buying case's anymore, I have a NZXT tempest, a coolmaster 690, and have had several other case's and I have never seen temps this good in any of them. I was worried that the 250mm in the front would not be enough air flow because I put a hepa fiter on it that is almost a half inch thick, but the air flow in this must be good because motherboard temps and hard drive temp are around 32C!
  46. Well I got the usb all in one card reader working, it was just plugged in wrong, LOL. So I guess I did the splice right.
  47. Just got the wires under control and installed the lights. One of the UV tubes are bad so I will have to see what performance pc is going to do about it. Heres the pics. Let me know if you guys like this case or not...


    Temps are from left to right Hard drive in the middle of bay, hard drive at top, and CPU temp is third, 4th temp probe is not hooked up at this time.

    Love the Danger Den double 5.25 bay, best part you can see the water moving.

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