Please HELP... external drive wiped out when upgrading window


I'm very frustrated and in distress. I finally decided to upgrade my laptop from xp to window 7 last night. However, my external drive was still attached to the laptop. After the installation, I was no longer able to view my external hdd. The computer can read it, but it said 0bytes.

I've looked through the forum and found that other people have had the same problem. They have recommended recovery software which i've tried, but it is not getting the files I want.

I'm a photographer and I mainly use the external drive to back all my photos on. However, after using recuva, and partition recovery, I was only able to get mp3 and videos... but no picture files like .raw. It did find some jpeg, but they're icons. Does anyone know what might be the problem or does anyone know of other good recovery softwares???

I don't know what I'm going to tell my client about their wedding pictures if I am unable to recover these files!!!!!!!! :( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks for looking! ~sigh~
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  1. First off, NEVER have any drives connected to your laptop during an install other than the one you're installing it to. Just gotta get that out.

    Recuva is good for small things. I've used many different ones in the past (Recuva, RecoverMyFiles, many from Linux distros), and all of them work "to a degree".

    I would look for a good, reputable shop in the area that specializes in data recovery. DO NOT go to a small computer shop. Use Geek Squad as a last resort. With data this sensitive, you can't afford mistakes, even if it costs a little more.

    Best of luck to you.
  2. Thanks Linuxhero27... i ended up trying three more recoveries and the last one work. It only got the pictures but not the hd videos (mts). However, Photorec was able to recover the mts.

    anyhoo, i'm now backing all videos and pictures onto CDs. Deleting my hd and trying to recover it was too stressful.
  3. yes, I'll suggest you try some photo recovery programs rather than general data recovery or file recovery software if you can't access the photos or find photos lost in your external hard drive. I am also keen on photography. Last time I accidentally press delete button on my Samsung NX 10, no other data recovery programs like Recuva, PC File Inspector help. Finally I relied on this special photo recovery program called Wondershare Photo Recovery and it got the majority of my lost pictures though I paid 29 bucks. So just switch to some small recovery program as they may be more capable.
  4. IMHO your best approach would be to clone the drive and then work on the clone.

    However, ISTM that your partition table may be affected. Could we see the partition table and boot sector with Microsoft's Sector Inspector?

    Extract the above archive to the one folder and execute the SIrun.bat file. The procedure will generate a report file named SIout.txt which you can then upload to a file sharing service.
  5. i would say try and find a good computer shop that are good at recovering thing.

    i used software before and i find its a hit and miss and its better off going to someone that KNOWs what they are doing. since in my case i draw and losing all my stuff would suck (thinking about it i only have 1 back up.. xD) but anyway try a computer shop. and as linuxhero27 said use geek squad last if u have to.
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