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I have an old athlon 64 amd socket 939...then there is a number...3800+.......2.4 ghz. was just wondering what safe idle temp and full on temp while gaming is. I am idling at about 38-40 degrees celsius and and around 50-54ish while gaming. I am thinking about doing some overclocking so what would my highest safe temp be Thanks
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  1. 50c - 54c on load isn't very high, I think your good with your overclock something like 80c+ when gaming or on load would be bad.
  2. have not over clocked yet
  3. oh and should i turn off my cool and quiet before i overclock or leave it on. i have noticed....i think that it lowers the cpu fan speed
  4. Well C & Q will lower your CPU clocks when its using 2D, and when 3D is in play then the original clocks will kick in. I don't have any experience with this as I do not overclock and i do not use C & Q. Good luck!
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    Turn it off while overclocking, then see if you have problems when it is enabled after you've found a stable clock speed. You want to remove any possible causes of instability while overclocking that might make you think you've hit the max for your chip.
  6. cool so if i overclock at 2.6 with c&q off and all is fine then turn it back on....or leave it off?
  7. Turn it on, see if you have problems. If you do, turn it off again. You want to leave it on if you can because it saves a bit of power, but stability is more important :)
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