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hey first build got a pc kinda picked out. i dont game at all just want it for browsing movies and music and to run fast fed up with store bought pc's so my setup is this intel q6600 with gig mobo ,artic freezer pro,nice case,max of whatever ram, wd 640 hd, dvd lg,600 watt or so ps, 8800/9800 gt gpu, omega sound card , now if am not gaming just movies how much should i spend on gpu? the whole setup is abot 1200$ or so, and should i go with diffrent cpu or is that ok? now since i dont game should i oc at all could i really see a diffrence for what i due. just need some advice from the pro's thankyou
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  1. What else besides watching movies will you be doing? I would say if this is just a family computer for surfing the web, watching some movies, word processing and regular day to day stuff, then your processor is probably overkill. You could just get an E8400 and a 9600GT. Overclocking and good GPU's are only necessary for high performance tasks like gaming or video editing/rendering. For the uses that you have indicated you will be using it for, you could probably build a PC for $600 and then spend all that money you save on a nice big monitor/HDTV (which you could hook up to your computer) for watching your movies.
  2. P5N7A-VM 120usd
    E7400 130usd
    OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB 60usd
    Antec Three Hundred, Antec Basiq BP500U 500W combo 100usd
    LG Black 22X DVD/R/W 25usd
    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 95usd
    total: 530usd
    and if you want to over clock get Freezer 7 Pro 36 usd
    I got same system for my HTPC and Internet.
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