Cant Overclock more than 2.66 GHZ

My system configuration is
Core 2 Duo E4400 o/c to 2.66GHz
MSI MS-7267
1.50 GB 333 MHZ Ram

I Have Overclocked my processor to 2.66 GHZ and it works fine But When i overclock it more than 2.7GHZ It Doesnot Boot up.I want to overclock it to 3GHZ
Can Anybody tell me why it is hapenning
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  1. There might not be enough voltage or your CPU may be overheating are two common reasons.
  2. Yeah, may not be enough voltage, what settings are you using, please post below:

    CPU voltage
    RAM voltage
    Ram type and speed
    any other settings you have tinkered with
  3. I'd say either core voltage, NB voltage, or the RAM speed is going too high and the ratio needs to be reduced OR timings increased.
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