I7 Pre-built v. DIY

Hey guys, i was just shopping around, and found this rig put together on ibuypower (through costco). I'm just wondering if you guys think it's a good deal, or if it's better off to piece it together yourself.

I know lots of people are going for i7 at a low cost, and just was looking for some opinions. (Not sure if this is the section, but I figured it was appropriate)


Core i7 920
Intel X58
6gb DDR3-1333
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 1GB
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  1. No input?
  2. I think you'd be better off peicing your own together. Its not a bad deal, but you don't know what motherboard your getting or psu. Those are big ticket items that i'd want to know. Plus I think building your own is a lot more fun. *shrugs shoulders*
  3. It's always fun to whip out the tools and cause some havoc (building an arcade right now =D). I just thought that perhaps for those unsure on throwing a new system together with parts that are in no-way cheap it'd be good to show an alternative or two. Plus I like window shopping.

    I'm still saving for my own i7 build *grumbles about expenses like rent and food...*
  4. If you want to check out the actual vendor of that PC, go to www.ibuypower.com and you can customize one yourself. You will know what parts you are getting because you get to chose them and the price isn't bad from them. Its a little bit cheaper to build it yourself, but not much.
  5. Oh I gotcha. I just got that link through costcos wonderful "email you every 2 days with deals" thing, and thought with the discount it was worth looking into.

    Wow their site has a lot of choices...
  6. in general, build it yourself is a better bet at the highend. the realy cheap systems are sometimes hard to match with components buying.
  7. That makes sense. It's not hard to go look at say, a company known for making inspir-ing productssetup for gaming, then whip a newegg list together that makes previously stated company look retarded.

    however, when you're talking 1.2k for an i7 with a decent gpu, it brings up the age old question of what is time really worth?

    We could be drinking beers watching the super bowl instead, yeah?
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