RAID 10 and 01 storage capacity

Hi all

Im starting to get a headach from this but correct me if im wrong.

If i had 4 x 1TB drives

Raid 01 would be, stripping (1TB+1TB) - mirroring (1TB)+(1TB)
Raid 10 would it be Mirroring (1TB)= (1TB) - stripping (1TB)+(1TB)

From what I see above Raid 01 would = 2TB capacity and it being mirrored where as Raid 10 would be 1TB capacity mirrored and a copy of the mirrored being striped only ever using 500gb.

Am i correct?
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  1. Both will be 2TB. In one case you mirror two 2TB stripes; in the other case, you stripe two 1TB mirrors. Here's a good explanation of RAID 0+1 and RAID 1+0:
  2. Thank you

    that has cleared a few things up.
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