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Hi all,

I have an XFX 5970 black edition that came with the XFX Overvolting tool which allows you to increase the GPU and memory voltage of the 5970, thus allowing you to increase the clocks in ATI's overdrive section.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this, i heard that as it stands the 5970 is 2 underclocked 5870's that can be gotten back up to full speed but i was wondering what the correct voltages would be to do this? Currently my clocks are 725/1000, a full standard 5870 is 850/1200. Is this a feasable thing?
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  1. Raise the clocks in increments till it BSODS (then back off a bit), this way you will know where it tops out at stock volts. Then raise the voltage in increments along with the clocks and you should get your answer =)

    Default 5970 clocks 725/1000
    Default 5970 voltages 1.05v and 1.10v
    Default 5970 overvolt 1.1625v and 1.15v

    if you want to override the XFX voltage you will need to use MSI's Afterburner

    Don't go over 1.25v and keep the temps below 80c =)
  2. What should these incremements be? 25Mhz at a time?
    Also, how to test the clocks, should i just click test custom clocks in the CCC?
  3. Yes 25mhz at a time is perfect.

    Dont use CCC, use Afterburner, create a fan curve and overclock w/o having to worry about your fan spooling up at high temps.

    use CCC just for the AA/AF/v-sync settings and Afterburner for everything else.
  4. Thank you, could you link me to a download site for Afterburner please?
  5. http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1702 is a good tutorial to start with.
  6. supersnicker said:
    http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1702 is a good tutorial to start with.


    Excellent tutorial :)
  7. Links above were v.useful - running @ 900/1200 now. +1
  8. Late comment but a valid one nonetheless.

    You can not run a HD 5970 at 900/1200 using Afterburner. Not stable. Not without adjusting the memory voltage.

    Using the "safe" voltage of 1162mV for core clock, an HD 5970 can be overclocked to at best 890/1150 and that's if you're lucky and have an exceptional gpu.

    A "typical" overclocking of the HD 5970 using Afterburner is 850 /1130 at 1162mV. You can go up to 900 MHz by raising the core clock up towards 1250mV but the memory clock will never reach a stable 1200 MHz with Afterburner.

    My gpu maxes out at 890/1155 with a core voltage of 1162mV. Stable. I can go higher, sure, but sooner or later it'll BSOD.
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