Sapphire 4870 1gb vs. MSI gtx 260 896mb

Which one out of these two you think will perform better? I plan on using this for gaming, web design, and watching blu-ray movies. Do you think PhysX is more important or is GDDR5 more important in the long run?

MSI gtx 260 896mb $209.99 (after promo code)


Sapphire 4870 1gb $224.99
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  1. Both will perform well enough.Radeon 4870 wins at some games while 260 216 core wins at some others...

    I'd go for the gtx 260 though cuz its 30$ cheaper(its actually 199$ after MIR)
  2. I actually just got a GTX 260 Core 216...what a long name. I couldn't find any 4870 1GB for close to the same price. I paid 240 with shipping and got COD WAW and a $30 MIR. I don't think a 4870 1GB could come close to matching that value.
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