8800gts 512mb SLI Upgrade to gtx 285??

i have a q6600 @3.6ghz, 780i, 4gb ram, and 2 8800gts 512 setup. Would i see a performance increase if i upgrade to a gtx 285? Also, is it more convinient because of power, noise, and microsutters?
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  1. Not at all. Your Frame rate will hardly change. You won't be able to p[lay any games that weren't playable before (if there were any)...

    You have a VERY capable system. You shouldn't have to upgrade for a while.

    Look at your Resolution and the Games you play. Odds are you will only gain a Frame or two. Keep the GTS's.


    Here is a perfect example...

    Crysis v1.21
    (1920x1200, 0xAA, Trilinear, High Quality)
    Score in Frame Rate

    GTX 280=========31.30

    8800GTS SLI ======29.70
  2. Thanks for the input. But I already sold the gts's so I think I'm going to get the gtx 285.
  3. TBH, i would get a 295 if i were you. What the point in trading if you aren't getting an upgrade? :)
  4. It would be an big upgrade but it's expensive for me and my q6600 would be a bottleneck for the gpu so I would have to upgrade to a core i7 to get any real increase, which means I would have to get a new mobo and ram. Also I would have to upgrade the power supply too. I wish I could get it but I can't afford it. With the gtx 285 I could upgrade to Sli.
  5. Where did you sold your GTS's because I have 2 of those and I'm planing to upgrade aswell.
  6. I've got a single 8800GTS 512 right now myself. And frankly I can't see spending the money to upgrade to a 'newer' video card. My single 8800GTS plays GTA IV fine, plays Mirror's Edge fine, COD4, COD:WAW, etc.

    I could see putting a second 8800GTS 512 in there for cheap perhaps. But I just don't see the value from nVidia or ATI for upgrading at this point.
  7. I sold mine for 100 on amazon.com. To jerreece, going to sli didn't give me a lot of performance gain, I think it's one of those cards that don't sli well. Also, I sold my gts's so I'm only spending a hundred or so. I'm also upgrading to avoid the stutters and noise that SLI brought me
  8. 8800GTS 512 in SLI beat a GTX280/285. Bad move.
  9. In the tomshardware charts the gtx 280 beat them so the gtx 285 should crush them. FYI Im gaming at 1600x1200.
  10. Even 8800GT SLi beats a GTX 280, toms charts are bogus. At that resolution its basically a tossup if you want single card or not.
  11. ^That.

    THe 285 is a similar card to the 280, just a die shrink. There is no performance gain to be had. You made a mistake. We all do it.

    i accidentally installed Windows 7 onto the wrong harddrive and overwrote my xp install. Oops.

    If you are insistent on blowing money when you can already max a lot of games, at least buy something that will show a GAIN in performance. You are acting silly.
    Get a 295. Be happy.
  12. You'll be able to turn up the eye candy all the way up if you haven't already. Honestly a 285 is a bit overkill for 1600x1200, but whatever. You'll definitely use less power than with SLI GTSs (especially at idle).

    Best of luck.
  13. yeah, I'll probably get a new screen in a couple of months.
  14. seriously, don't get a 285. Ill be angry with you....

    Be serious.
  15. The die shrink means that there are more transisitors, and there are performance gaines. Again, I'm upgrading because of the noise and stutters. Also the die shrink means better overclocking and reduced temps.
  16. $350 for no gain. and better overclocking. Bro, wish you the best of luck, but this is the biggest waste of money i have ever seen.
  17. gamerwolff said:
    It would be an big upgrade but it's expensive for me and my q6600 would be a bottleneck for the gpu so I would have to upgrade to a core i7 to get any real increase, which means I would have to get a new mobo and ram. Also I would have to upgrade the power supply too. I wish I could get it but I can't afford it. With the gtx 285 I could upgrade to Sli.

    +1 customisebetter, only way to get out...get GTX 295, it’s better than SLI GTX 260 (almost as good as SLI GTX 280), bottleneck with q6600 at 3.6 is minimal in comparison to Core i7, something like from 2 to 8% in wasting majority of games…check this link http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=807 to get some picture. Definitely you need 24 inch or bigger (1920x1200), on your res that would be waste of money for second time. First time was when you sold your SLI 8800GTS but that you already know…I suppose
  18. thanks for the input guys, i'll see if i can get a gtx 295, and i'll definetally get a new screen soon. but if i can't get the gtx 295, i could buy the gtx 285 with no performance gains, but reduced noice and less SLI related problems. i understand it's not the best thing to do, but i simply can't afford a gtx 295. I'll use the saved money to get a new screen if i can. i'm not spending $350 on a gtx 285, i sold the gts's so i'm spending about $100.
    P.S. Sorry if i seem like noob, i built my first computer in November.
  19. A 285 GTX is fine, the damage is already done (selling the 8800s). Don't let everyone convince you to buy a 295, when it is clearly beyond your needs (unless you plan on buying a 2560x1600 monitor in the near future). On the bright side, the GTX is less complicated and will use less energy than your old SLI setup. Lose the battle, but win the war.
  20. yeah, thats the main reason i sold the gts's, thanks for the advice.
  21. If the noise is what bothering you why don't you put on some of the big heatsinks onto the GTS cards like the arctic cooling accelero (something forget which one fit), or dampen your case and lower your GPU fan speeds. And I believe cases like the Antec P182 are quite quiet from the looks of it and may be worth a look at if that is your goal a whisper quite PC.
  22. that could work but two of them cost almost as much as the gtx 285, minus the money i got from the GTS's. i have the NZXT tempest, which has great airflow, so i thing the antec p182 would be quieter but would limit my cpu and gpu overclocking. i don't want a whisper quiet computer, just during gaming at 70% the fan gets really loud, espicially x2.
  23. Here's my recommendation:

    GTX 285
    Thermalright HR-03 GTX
    Scythe 1150RPM Gentle Typhoon

    That will give you plenty of power and almost silent performance.
  24. thanks for the recommendation, i'll see if i can get it in a couple of days.
  25. Dont go messing around with adding coolers and fans unless you want to void the warranty. The stock cooler will be fine. Not to mention just raising the price of the purchase, making it even further pointless. Just stick with the GTX 285, no extras.
  26. 285 has better min frames in most cases, I wouldn't do it though if you had 2 8800 GTS already, wait for a new gen card, and see how prices shift.

    The 285 is 10% faster and alot more overclocking potential than the 280 GTX....so I dunno why ppl are saying that there isn't a gain, since in games, it has up to 30% increase over the 280 GTX with an oc... I mean 2 reference cards 280s vs 285s, the 285 is 10%-12% stronger in general.

    Again if you didn't switch already don't...if you did, congradulations you bought a card that will increase your AA, resolution and min frame rates, but lost avg, money and time:)

    Whether its a fair trade off is up to u:)
  27. Yeah I agree with L1qu1d. I have good average fps in games, but not good minimum. The gtx should level it out.
  28. Don't feel bad about your purchase Gamerwolf I just upgraded from a single 8800 gts 512 to a 285 and even if it wasn't the 'best' upgrade for the cost it was worth it IMO.

    I actually decided against buying another 8800 gts 512 and waiting it out for the next gen, solely due to comparing 8800gts 512 sli vs gtx 285 preformance tests on the web. Yes the 285 at stock clocks is not any better than the sli setup BUT once you overclock it does indeed end up being 'slightly' (not by a TON) better.

    I plan on SLI'ing my 285 next year when I dump my q6600 for an i7 rig so even though I'll be skipping the next gen, and riding this gen out, I felt like it was a decent buy overall (my card was only $350 after mail in rebate, and it came with COD W@W, weak game but w/e it was free). This way even though my i7 system next year wont have the most current gfx card(s) in it, it wont matter as 2x gtx 285's will be more than enough. I'm also not very concerned with DX11 next year as games using it will most likely be a ways off.

    Anyways dont let the naysayers get you down its not a horrible buy, I too felt your pain at not being able to buy a 295. Darn that 500 dollar price tag >< enjoy your new card!
  29. Yeah pretty much the same with me. With the new evga voltage program that should be compatible with the gtx 285 will get me some seriouse overclocking, especially with aftermarket cooling.
  30. *** OFF with SLI systems that sucks
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