Athlon 2600+ OC issues

I want to squeeze a little more life out of this system (and play Left 4 Dead), but there seems to be something wrong. The Barton core has a locked multiplier, so I have to just adjust the FSB. If I turn it up much at all, the computer will boot to windows, and after the initial loading screen it will reboot.

I have three 512mb memory sticks, one PC2700 and the others PC3200.

My current Vcore is 1.7V.

Any thoughts?
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    It could be overheating/not enough vCore etc. The stock cooler on those older Athlons manages to just keep them within specified temperature, I wouldn't try overclock on a stock cooler if I were you. If this isn't a stock cooler then it would have to do with voltage.
  2. That may just be a limitation on your motherboard. Read some of the old Athlon XP overclocking guides. Make sure to manually set your memory as well.
  3. Alright, vcore is 1.75V now, booted up fine, we'll see how well it runs now. Thanks!
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