Recovery Drive "D" showing heavily fragmented

i have a month-old HP Pavilion Laptop that you have helped me with a couple times in the past month.

now i have the following issue:

periodically i run TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance. from day one, the D drive is labeled as the HP Recovery drive shows 92.56 percent fragmentation (heavily fragmented). I Googled this problem and it appears that this is somewhat normal and i should not defrag.

my question is, when i used TuneUp 1-Click, in order to fix other problems shown, it wants to also defrag that D drive. is there a way to run TuneUp 1-Click so that it doesn't "see" the D Drive?

i do have recovery disks for this laptop.
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  1. personally ive never liked tune up, tried it didnt like it

    i stick to "smart defrag 2" built in disk check (chkdsk c, run through cmd)

    for registry i tend to use ccleaner

    best thing to do, if you have an external hdd.

    just clone it using free software like clone zilla to the external hard drive and then delete recovery partition

    recovery partitions only help people who delete stuff they shouldnt or get a virus

    your hard drive will survice if anyother parts fail (except maybe motherboard and psu)

    but if your hard drive fails you lose all data
  2. thanks for that reply. in all honesty, i think i'm too much the novice to close this to an external drive. i was hoping that the backup disks i purchased from HP would serve that purpose?

    i have used tuneup for years and find it so easy and "no brainer" that it seems like a good fit for me.

    as far as chkdsk c run through cmd, i honestly don't even know that that means (which again confirms what a novice i am).
  3. As a HP DV user, I did this ..

    1. Create of set of recovery DVD's
    2. Test them by doing a recovery.
    3. Put them in a safe place.
    4. Wipe everything, including the partitions to get the space back.
    5. Reinstalled using a copy of W7 OEM that I aquired ;) and used the key to stay legal.

    Now I have a fully legal system without all the bloat and running like a dream.
  4. again, thanks for this input. it's a brand new system and i'm too much the novice to do that. i think i have to put up with the bloat. just wanting to find a way around the tuneup program wanting to defrag that recovery (D) drive.
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