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Bracket To Mount 5 HDDs Into 3 5.25" Bay?

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January 18, 2009 5:20:48 PM

Hi, anyone know or a UK site which sells something like this:

I am in the planning stages of putting together an NAS style build to house my hard drives, and liked the idea someone else had done of mounting them into a shuttle case:

So I need a bracket to mount 5 3.5" drives into 3 5.25" bays. There are lots of expensive 5 in 3 solutions that do [ur=]this[/url] except I don't need to have my drives hotswappable or on trays or anything like that (plus they're expensive!), I just need a simple bracket to keep everything together. There are lots of 3 bay cages which can accomodate 4 HDDs (like lian li, Coolmaster etc) but that site above is the only place I can find which sells ones to accomodate 5 drives. If anyone knows or any other sites, especially ones in UK or Europe that'd be great. :) 

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March 27, 2009 2:28:51 AM

Good luck finding that. If your putting the bracket into an existing case your going to run into issues getting a bracket like that into a case that has the lips to hold cd drives in place. (the things that prevent them from falling down before you screw them in)

I invested in a 3bay 4drive hot swap unit. I had to bend all the metal lips outward so I could slide it in. Rather difficult, had to get creative with screwdrivers and pliers.

Fit into an old PC case with 1bay open for a cd rom drive. Rather bulky solution, but i mounted it on my basement wall and it does its job. Hot swap unit ran me about 90 bucks shipped from newegg. Not exactly cheap, but it provides adequate cooling for the drives. I probobly wont buy a new one like that. I would love to see some improved hot swap 2.5" units. There is one out there right now that fits 4x2.5" drives into a single bay!, Has horrid reviews though. Issues detecting drives etc.

Good luck.
a c 136 B Homebuilt system
March 27, 2009 2:54:00 AM

Know the velcro trick?

1 inch wide velcro strips with an adhesive backing . Two strips about 3 inches long side by side on the back of the hard drive .
Attach the velcro to the hard drive , peel the backing off the other side and press the drive against a fairly flat surface . Most cases can handle 3 drives vertically on the side of the case [ if there arent big pci cards in the way ]

Mount the hard drive anywhere . never falls off . eliminates vibration .

do you really need the cage?