2 x KINGSTON SNV125-S2/30GB raid 0 VS Corsair F60 60GB

the kingston 100 euros each so 100x2=200
the corsair 218 euros
the kingston JMicron/Toshiba controller
the corsair SandForce SF-1200

AND my questions
1)which is better for boot drive
2)should i wait for sata3 ssd (and i know it will be a boost if disagree dont anwser this one :D )
3)should i wait for x-mas which is gonna double size and let the price (intel claims that)
4)i suppose that the corsair is gonna perform like any SandForce SF-1200 like ocz vertex 2 or Mushkin Callisto i am right?

info on the kingston http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1242/1/

also i have an alternative on intel postville 80gb while i dont care about the extra GBs it's not very atractive over corsair
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  1. Intel over Corsair over Kington.

    I don't like Kingston anything. Stay away form JMIcorn controllers.

    You could wait, but once you have one of these little babies, you'll never go back.
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