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I plan on getting the P6T deluxe v2. I was going to get the evga e758-a1 for my new core i7 build, but newegg has a new combo deal that will save me $60-$70(new heatsink money) :p . What I've read is that I should go with EVGA because of their customer service, but the ASUS outperforms EVGA. However, customer service is important for me because I know the core i7 is not flawless, and will give me problems lol.

All i want to know is if ASUS will be reliable if I have a problem of any sort.

By the way, I've owned two ASUS motherboards so far(both rampage formulas) and I didn't have any problems that I needed to report. Long story why I bought two.
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  1. Hi D

    ASUS support has gotten a little better, I had to send a board in earlier this year. Return time was good and they provide you with more info when you call to check the status of your RMA. A couple of years ago I almost left ASUS for EVGA for that very reason, terrible support. You can't treat your customers bad and expect them to keep coming back, too much competition out there now. I wonder if Creative will ever wake up, with them you don't get bad support, you get no support. I already vowed to never buy any of their products again and my ASUS Xonar is working just fine thank you.
  2. Thanks for the feedback starams
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