How much power will i need for this build?

i currently have a 500 watt power supply but i am upgrading almost my entire computer, this is what im most likely getting:


Video card: ATI Radeon X1950 PRO

Memory: 2X 1 GB 1066 MHz + 1 GB 1066 MHz


i am also running two hard drives and a CD/DVD Drive.

Will 500 WATTs be enough or will i need to upgrade to a 600WATT or higher?
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  1. It depends on the 500W PSU. I know that an Antec Neo HE 430 is more than adequate for what you have.
  2. So would be a PC P&C 370w unit w/27 amps @ 12v.
    If it's a Rosewill 500w unit I'd be scared.
  3. Do you have specific brand for your PSU?

    why are you using ATI Radeon X1950 PRO? Do you have this already or buying it? Even the Radeon 4670 or Geforce 9600GT are cheap nowadays.
  4. Even a silverstone Strider 400watt with 18+18A on 12V is sufficient... but future upgrades will be noted also... Might be easier to go straight to 500Watt or 560/550 of a respectable brand.
  5. Power shuldnt be a problem if its not a noname 20gram unit :) ...i run quad q6600 + HD 3870 +5 HDDs with 550W LC power ..
    But as mentioned above ..why for christ's sake do you buy an x1950 pro in the age when a low price HD 4670 wipes the floor with any x19xx ..heck ..even an 4830 can be had for below 100$ mark ....i'd definitly go for that ...
  6. Even if it's a no name unit it should be O.k as long as it has enough amps on the 12v rail. If it has something like a single 15A rail then it's not going to be enough. Well it will be enough to boot but running games will either activate the trip protection and shut to machine off or just fry the system. The minimum you should go with is something with an 18A 12v rail or 14A dual 12v rails. Even then that phenom based CPU uses alot of juice so if your PSU is in that minimum you would be safer going with a 5400 BE that uses a bit less power

    You also have to consider that if it's a no name unit it may only be able to support 18A as a peak but not really sustain it. It just depends. I'm assuming you are already using a 1950 Pro and that your system can handle it with your current configuration, in which case you should be safe and your PSU should be able to handle the CPU and motherboard upgrade. If you are going to buy a 1950 pro though I would say don't. Consider getting a 4670 instead which uses alot less power and is much faster (between 40-100%) :D.
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