6 memory slots - 3x1gb and 3x2gb -- good or bad?


I just ordered a Dell Studio XPS desktop with an Intel Core i7-920 processor.

The machine has 6 DDR3 DIMM slots and comes stocked with 6 x 1GB DIMMs = 6GB RAM.

I know that I need at least 8GB RAM and that the memory for this type of system is triple channel.

So, my question is: Will I take a performance hit by installing 3 x 2GB DIMMs and 3 x 1GB DIMMs? I.e., does the triple channel advantage only occur if ALL SIX slots use the same capacity DIMM, or can I enjoy the triple channel advantage if 3 slots use one capacity DIMM while the remaining 3 slots use a different capacity DIMM?

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  1. Hi. I am dealin with the same dilema with almost identical setup though home built. i920 3x1gb 1333. if the upgrading 2gb modules have the same latency and timings would that mean it wouldnt run correctly?

    anybody an idea or help?


  2. I just bought today 3x2GB 1600 and add to my old 3x1GB 1600 on my i7 920 like yours.

    I don't know how to test this solution scientifically but my Win7 performance index for the ram jumped from 5.9 to 7.5.

    I made two antivirus analysis (AVG and Windows 7's) on my whole computer : 3 Raptor HDD (75 GB/150 GB/75 GB), the performance gain is quite impressive. It went from 20 minutes (AVG) / 10 minutes (Win7's) to 5 minutes (AVG) / less than 2 minutes (Win7's).

    To perfect my installation, I'm just wondering if 3x1 on the first slot is better than 3x2 on first slot...
  3. seems to be the question everyone is asking... anyone got an answer? im wondering the same thing myself... I was dumb and only got 3 gigs of ram with my i7 920... the blu-ray drive is a bit choppy so i need more ram...
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