Formatting a kingston pen drive without loosing data

i have a 8GB kingston pendrive i have saved my data in it, it was working properly but now when i open my saved data a window appear saying the file is corrupted. So please tell me what is the problem and how will be it sorted.
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  1. You can't format a drive and not lose data. Does the error happen with all the files and on several computers?
  2. Chances are good that your pendrive's filesystem is corrupt. This is common in flash drives. Do this:

    1) Copy the data onto your hard drive.

    2) Format the pendrive.

    3) copy the data back to the pendrive.

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  3. Do you mean when you insert your pen drive. The system says your drive is not formatted, do you format it now? Or when you click to format the drive it won't let you do it. In this case, don't format it roughly for that will make the data in your pen drive lost easily. The best way is to recover the pen drive data in advance. And you can try some format recovery tool to handle the format error and get the data out. Then think about other ways to make your pen drive work normally.
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