Intel or amd ?

flat out whats a better value intel or amd i dont game just for movies music and fast browsing intel is more expensive but for a reason or no straight answers!
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  1. Unless your on a cheap budget go Intel. AMD is considered slow comapred to intel and unless your buying like a 400$ computer people usually suggest intel.
  2. It really depends, the reason why intel is expensive is the great over clocking potential and quality of their products,for instance even a low end intel dual core can be overclocked to very high clock rates however if you are not into heavy gaming or photo editing and you are not planning on over clocking then you will be better off with amd because they have a better price to performance ratio (more bang for your buck basically)
  3. Flat out value, performance per dollar, It depends...If I were to compare them with cars, AMD chips are like Civics and Intel's are like Corvettes. For 95% of computer users that don't game, you won't notice much of a difference in performance from movies, music, browsing, just as a Civic and Corvette would both travel at 70mph on the freeway. Now, if you wanted to race, a Corvette would smoke a Civic but since you said you don't game, you'll be content to drive at freeway speeds and having a corvette is pointless.

    My suggestion: AMD X2 4850e + a 780g based motherboard for maximum value + power efficiency.
  4. Wtih I7 out and a switch to a new mobo design the intel route has changed as you will not be able to upgrade to the newest processor later, but also has driven the prices of the older parts down more inline with the AMD parts..........
    Intel wins this time again as you can basically build a slightly faster system for roughly the same price now
  5. For movies, music and browsing almost any new processor is overkill. You are in the one segment where AMD still makes sense and that's the ultra low-end. Just get the cheapest new dual core you can find. Keep in mind if it's OEM you'll need to by a fan/heat sink as well.
    That said, if you want the best price/performance on the low end get an e5200. Nothing under $100 comes close.
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